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From temporary flat pack housing to 1,200 square feet expandable homes we offer a wide variety of options to help anyone fulfil their needs! 

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Easy Homes, a Bright Ideas Company

After working in the Construction Industry for over a decade ,  and saving contractors Millions of dollars on their Bids, we at Bright Ideas thought “Why stop at lights?”.  After years of sourcing the very best materials we are proud to announce our Tiny Homes!  The highest quality and more affordable way join the Tiny House movement that is sweeping the nation.

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From Small To Big We Have Done It All

From Individual sales to large communities we at Easy Homes strive to give you the very best in design, timeline, and of course product.  No project is to big or to small for us.  And as always we promise to get you settled in within 100 days of placing your order.

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