Expandable Homes

Our expandable home units come in three different lengths; 20ft, 30ft, and 40ft — each built to last 20-30 years and can withstand up to category 8 earthquakes. Each shell is equipped with a full bathroom and the ability to add a full kitchen.

Expandable homes are assembled in San Diego, CA, shipped directly to the customer, and installed on-site. They can serve as standalone houses, ADUs, or even rental / AirBnB units (where local governments and permits allow).


  • 410 sq. ft. (20ft)
  • 615 sq. ft. (30ft)
  • 820 sq. ft. (40ft)



Full Specifications

  • Measure (L*W*H): 5950*6410*2500mm (19.52*21.03*8.20ft
  • Packing size: 5950*2250*2500mm (19.52*7.38*8.20ft)
  • Wall panel: 50 (75mm EPS/rock wool/PU/glass wool sandwich panel with double-sided 0.4mm
  • Steel structure: 2.5-3.0mm welding steel structure
  • Windows: UPVC/Broken bridge aluminum hollow double glazing window
  • Exterior door: UPVC/Broken bridge aluminum hollow double glazing door
  • Interior door: UPVC/wood/Titanium alloys door
  • Sub-floor: 18mm MGO/Fiber cement board
  • Surface floor: Wood/PVC vinyl floor
  • Bathroom: Shower, seated toilet, wash basin
  • Water pipe: PPR and PVC water supply and drainage pipe with fittings
  • Electricity system: Switch, socket, lamp light, waterproof socket, distribution box
  • Accessories: Paint, glass cement, floor nail, blind rivets etc


  • Pitched roof
  • Terrace
  • Glass canopy
  • Front glass wall
  • Interior wall + roof panels
  • Exterior wall panels
  • Kitchen set
  • AC/Heat
  • Deck (10x10ft)
  • Additional windows
  • Incinerating toilet
  • Off-grid solar package


Bathroom(s) with water supply




Fully furnished kitchen(s)

Full Specifications

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