Flat + Loose Packs

What are Flat Pack and Loose Packed Homes?

Flat Pack homes consist of a top structure, corner post and interchangeable wallboards allowing for a modular design built on site. Our Flat Packs can be used independently or combined into spacious multi room homes. They can be attached both horizontally and vertically for unlimited design potential. From offices, dining halls, bathrooms, to affordable temporary housing, our Flat Packs can do it all at an incredible price!

Loose-packed units are similar to flat packs, except they don’t require the use of heavy, expensive machinery to install on your site. Our loose packs are designed to be lightweight structures, making them an affordable option for housing and spacial solutions for residential or personal projects.

For large-scale commercial operations, flat packs may be your best option. Feel free to reach out using the Contact Us form and we can help you find the best solution that works for your project.

The mobile nature of the building eases requirements or planning permissions and allows buildings to be located virtually anywhere. They do not require complicated foundations and reduce the on-site impact substantially.


Design Options and Applications

At Easy Homes, we offer a wide range of design options for our flat pack and loose-packed homes to suit a variety of needs and applications. Whether you’re looking for an independent office for one person, a general office for multiple people, or even temporary housing, these units are the perfect solution.

Independent Office: Perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs, or remote workers, our independent office option offers a private and comfortable workspace for one person. With ample room for a desk and storage, this option is ideal for those who need a dedicated space to focus and be productive.

General Office: For businesses or organizations that need space for multiple people, our general office option is the perfect solution. With room for multiple desks and storage, this option is ideal for small teams or departments.

Kitchen: Our kitchen option is perfect for those who need a functional and efficient kitchen space. With room for a sink, refrigerator, stove, and storage, this option is ideal for temporary housing or dormitories.

Bathroom/Shower Units: Our bathroom/shower units offer a convenient and efficient solution for those who need private and clean bathroom facilities. These units are perfect for temporary housing, dormitories, or even construction sites.

Temporary Housing: Our flat pack homes are ideal for temporary housing, providing comfortable and affordable living space for people in between homes, on-site construction workers, or other short-term housing needs.

Dormitories: Our flat pack homes are perfect for dormitories, offering comfortable and affordable living space for students, employees, or other groups that need shared housing.

Standard Room: Our standard room option is perfect for those who need a private and comfortable living space. With room for a bed, storage, and other basic amenities, this option is ideal for temporary housing or dormitories.

No matter what your needs are, our flat pack and loose-packed homes offer a range of design options to suit your specific requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect flat pack home for your needs.

Full Specifications

  • Base: 12# galvanized steel 4mm thickness&100*50mm galvanized square tube &18mm fiber cement

  • Columns: 2550*1250*3mm galvanized steel sheet

  • Roof: 2500*1250*3mm galvanized steel sheet

  • Wall: 75mm thickness EPS sandwich panels

  • Electricity: Switch, socket, distribution box, lights,antenna socket

  • Flooring: Plastic flooring

  • Doors: High-end iron gate door 950*2100

  • Windows: UPVC windows 930*1000mm(W*H)



  • Concealed electricals

  • Kitchen set

  • Additional windows

  • Terrace

  • Deck (10x10ft)

  • AC/Heat

  • Incinerating toilet

  • Off-grid solar package

  • Interior wall panels

  • Exterior wall panels

  • Bathroom

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