Flat Pack

Our Flat Packs can be used independently or combined into spacious multi-room homes. They can be attached both horizontally and vertically for unlimited design potential. From offices, dining halls, and bathrooms, to affordable temporary housing, our Flat Packs can do it all at an incredible price. They work great at construction sites or any occasions that require temporary housing.

Please Note: This unit was built as a display unit for our Flat Pack models, and therefore may feature multiple finishes as we try to showcase different designs in the same unit. Contact us today to get this unit at an incredible discount!

Modular, Portable, and Sustainable

The mobile nature of the flat pack building eases requirements for planning permissions and allows buildings to be located anywhere. They do not require complicated foundations and reduce the on-site impact substantially.

Full Specifications

  • Base: 12# galvanized steel 4mm thickness&100*50mm galvanized square tube &18mm fiber cement
  • Columns: 2550*1250*3mm galvanized steel sheet
  • Roof: 2500*1250*3mm galvanized steel sheet
  • Wall: 75mm thickness EPS sandwich panels
  • Electricity: Switch, socket, distribution box, lights, antenna socket
  • Flooring: Plastic flooring
  • Doors: High-end iron gate door 950*2100
  • Windows: UPVC windows 930*1000mm(W*H)