Pitched Roof Tiny Home

Featuring a pitched roof and modern finish, this Tiny Home is the perfect option for someone who enjoys leading a flexible life. This unit is outfitted with a Murphy bed, kitchen, bathroom, shower, and cabinet space to maximize storage.

Please Note: This product was built as a display unit for our Tiny Home on Wheels models, and therefore may feature multiple finishes as we try to showcase different designs in the same unit. Therefore we are offering this unit at an incredible discount! Contact us today for more information.

Full Specifications

  • Base: 50*100mm galvanized tubes & 40*60mm galvanized tubes & fiber cement 18mm
  • Floor: wood laminate floor (finishes available)
  • Bathroom floor: stone plastic floor (finishes available)
  • Column: 50*80*50*2mm galvanized tube
  • Beam: 50*120mm galvanized tubes & 40*60mm galvanized tubes, 2450*773mm (L*H)
  • Purlin: 50*100*1.2mm galvanized tube
  • Walls: 75mm EPS sandwich panels
  • Roof: 75mm EPS sandwich panels
  • Exterior door: 2000*2500mm broken bridge aluminum holly double glass sliding door
  • Bathroom door: 800*2000mm Titanium magnesium alloy doors
  • Windows: 2000*500mm broken bridge aluminum holly double glass sliding window, exterior cladding, interior cladding
  • Bathroom: Black Basin 600*400, toilet, shower 800*1000
  • Exterior wall decoration: sauna board, 9/95mm
  • Interior decoration: bamboo wood fiberboard