Spare Room

This Spare Room unit will make for the perfect extra bedroom, mobile office space, game room, art studio, or home gym. Contact us today by email or phone, or request a quote on this page. We are offering this unit at an incredible discount!

Our spare room units give you the option to add an extra room to your house without all the headaches! Plumbing is notoriously expensive. Our spare room units are similar to our tiny homes on wheels, but they come without plumbing, which lowers the cost substantially (25%+ more affordable than traditional tiny home builds).

On the business front, our spare units can be outfitted to fit your needs for mobile showrooms for events and trade shows, or even mobile offices for uninterrupted workflow on-the-go!

Each of our Spare Room units comes with electrical options to meet your needs. Ask us about our off-grid solar package, or simply plug directly into an outlet!

Please Note: This product was built as a display unit for our Spare Room models, and therefore may feature multiple finishes as we try to showcase different designs in the same unit.

Full Specifications

  • Base: 50*100mmm galvanized tubes & 40*60mm galvanized tubes & fiber cement 18mm
  • Floor: compound flooring
  • Column: 50*80*50*2mm galvanized steel
  • Purlin: 50*100*1.2mm galvanized tube
  • Walls: 75mm EPS sandwich panels
  • Roof: 150mm EPS sandwich panels
  • Exterior door: 930*2000 iron gate
  • Exterior wall decoration: corrugated steel board, anticorrosive wood
  • Interior wall + roof: bamboo wood fiberboard
  • Trailer: electronic brake system, brake light, outrigger
  • Concealed electricals: switch, socket, distribution box, lights, external power supply