Storage Units

Storage Units

Our storage units start at 10x10ft, but custom sizes and designs are available upon request.

Our loose-packed storage containers are built to last with aluminum doors, steel beams, concrete floors, and EPS sandwich panels ensuring that these units are durable and well-insulated.

Our storage units are a cost-effective solution for home owners and business owners who need a little extra space to reduce clutter and promote organization. Self-storage businesses can also benefit by filling unproductive space on-site with additional storage options for their customers.

Full Specifications

    • Structure: steel frame, beam, corners
    • Cement fiber board: 3235mm*1140mm*18mm
    • Roof panels: 3520mm*130mm EPS sandwich panels
    • Wall panels: 75mm EPS sandwich panels
    • Molding parts: C-type galvanized channel for wall, PVC cover for roof and wall


  • Steel door
  • Exterior wall panels
  • Interior wall panels


Bathroom with water supply




Fully furnished kitchen

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